Bauhaus Tanzen

"Paper-traced“ is a continual installation/ performance. The audience is invited to move throughout the space and to interact with the landscape of soft white paper that is bound to gravity. The landscape changes constantly as a result of movement. At a certain point it becomes one person’s costume, which then blocks the room.

Based on the principles of Bauhaus performances, inspired from Oskar Schlemmer, “Paper-traced” attempts to combine the space, movement and bodies through the use of a certain material. In the process, new audio/visual atmospheres are created as well as unreal forms of space and human existence.

Choreography and performance Polyxeni Angelidou
Space and light Shahrzad Rahmani and Cecilia Tselepidi

Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau and HZT Uferstudios Berlin | 2014

Paper traced 04 ©Shahrzad Rahmani
Paper traced 05 ©Shahrzad Rahmani
Paper traced 06 ©Shahrzad Rahmani

Photos ©Shahrzad Rahmani | ©Cecilia Tselepidi