Talking Straight Science Center

Maxim GOЯKI Theater | Berlin | June 2018

TALKING STRAIGHT WORLD SCIENCE CENTER explores the beginning of the phantasm of a hyper-flexible world network: a combination of financial theology, radical sensuality and post-human politics. The TS Start Up founding myth culminates in a simulation of the entire cosmos, which is made tangible for every individual through corporate science. Now is the time to destroy one’s own creation to make room for a new creation myth.

By and with Talking Straight (Alicia Agustín, houaïdaAntje Prust)
Stage Shahrzad Rahmani
Costumes Geraldine Arnold
Music houaïda
Video and Animation Camille Lacadee
Ikebana Han Le Han
Crystal Artist Sadie Weis
Licht Fritz-Geoffrey Stötzner

Photos Phil Dera