Interactive Installation

„In a ruin, completeness is present through its very absence“

The installation centers around the innumerable virtual traces we as individuals leave on the Internet. Snapshots are digitally captured and preserved. Some people find themselves unable to identify with those fragments even after a short while. Others forget or choose to forget that they exist.

Ruins radiate an unrest that does not allow for to an absolute standstill. 
But what do these indelible digital footprints mean to us?
Does our perception of them change?

26 interviews were conducted, edited, and artistically documented in the form of an archive wall. On the one hand, every single interview asserts the utopian and occasionally absurd aspect in the fleeting attempt to establish a certain order. On the other hand, the chaos of the “ruin” connecting the past with the ever-evolving present becomes evident.

It is at this interface where the reflected space of memory and the quest for a dialectic collage that is no more can be found.

Inspired by Jorge Luis Borges "The Library of Babe"  |  Michel Foucault "Ordnung Der Dinge"  | Walter Benjamin "Das Passagen-Werk"

Interdiziplinäres Raumlabor Professor Albert Lang
Sound and Video Martí Guillem Císcar
Voice Homa Faghiri

Master project of Shahrzad Rahmani | TU bühnenbild_szenischer raum | 2014