Liebe ich es nicht mehr oder liebe ich es zu sehr?

Theater Rampe | Stuttgart | 2023

Everyone rants and what changes? How we could be on stage and say something that’s off script. How we could sit in the audience and leave at any time. The play evokes the political flickering between departure and fear of it, and the comic simultaneity of sleep and revolutionary enthusiasm. An ensemble on stage rants, the intimate thoughts of an audience become loud and renitent. Until the institution appears. And from then on everything is finally different.

Performance rights: Suhrkamp Theaterverlag, Berlin.

Text Sivan Ben Yishai
Traslation from English Maren Kames
Direction Marie Bues, Niko Eleftheriadis
Stage and Costume Shahrzad Rahmani
Music Siri Tiermann
Video Grigory Shklyar
Light Joscha Eckert
Dramaturgy Martina Grohmann

Photos © Dominique Brewing